Rice-Tremonti Home & Aunt Sophie's Cabin
Upcoming Events

Open for Tours, Weekends

Jun 4, 2016 - Oct 2, 2016
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The Rice-Tremonti Home is open for self-guided tours today and tomorrow, June 4-5. 8801 E. 66th St. (Blue Ridge and 66th). Hours are noon-4 p.m. It will be open the same hours each weekend through September. Bring the kids and find out about the oldest standing frame house in Jackson County and Aunt Sophie's Cabin, both relics of the Westward Trail and Civil War Eras in our community. Or just come out and enjoy the day on the grounds.

1844 Landmark on the Westward Trails

The oldest standing frame house in Jackson County, Missouri, the Rice-Tremonti Home along with Aunt Sophie's Cabin have borne witness to the sweep of American history. This site was settled first in 1836 by Archibald Rice and family. They built the Gothic-Revival farm house in 1844. With beginnings as a way-point on the Santa Fe Trail and as jumping off point for emigrants to Oregon and California the wooden house endured the ravages of border warfare and the Civil War. With a history spanning 173 years, the Rice-Tremonti Home has an important story to tell. Travel back in time to the days of Archibald and Sallie Rice, E. Coffee and Kitty Rice, Sophie White, the Roger Lowe family and Dr. Louis and Gloria Tremonti, all of whom resided here and played parts in the development of Jackson County, Kansas City and Raytown, Mo.

And get involved with the Friends of the Rice-Tremonti Home Association as we pursue our mission to preserve and restore the house and interpret its importance to our local community.

8801 E. 66th St., Raytown, Mo. 64133